Links Park Community Trust Health Programmes

Health & Wellbeing Programmes

Links Park Community Trust aims to forge effective partnerships and with such develop a range of unique, multi-agency programmes which promote and support the delivery of key health messages and services via sport. At LPCT, we will also utilise the facilities available to us at Links Park Stadium and use sport as a motivator to tackle anti-social behaviour, engaging young people in constructive activities that build safe, strong communities.

Freekicks @ Links Park

‘Free-Kicks’ @ Links Park

Using sport as a motivator to tackle anti-social behaviour and engage young people in constructive activities that build safe, strong communities, LPCT, in conjunction with relevant partner agencies, aims to develop and deliver a ‘Friday Night Project’ and/or ‘Saturday Night Project’ aimed at offering young people an enjoyable, healthy and safe environment in which to spend weekend evenings. In doing so, LPCT aims to utilise the facilities provided by Links Park Stadium, but will also develop and deliver off-site satellite programmes in areas where a need has been identified.

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All to Play For

‘All to Play For’ @ Links Park

The LPCT ‘All to Play For’ programme will aim to engage young people in a series of interactive classroom and stadium based workshops themed around success, challenging them to think about their future whilst at the same time seeking to raise their aspirations and boost motivation, confidence and self esteem. The opportunity for sports participation will also be included.  Incorporating proven motivational techniques as used in the world of sport, business and the arts, young people will be challenged to examine the criteria for success in these fields and relate this back to their own experiences and ambitions. They will re-visit these themes throughout the course so that, by the end, they will have a clear understanding of where they are, where they want to be and what they need to do in order to get there. They will understand that their future is, indeed, in their own hands.

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Organise your Defence

Organise YOUR Defence!

LPCT, in conjunction with relevant partner agencies, will develop and deliver an innovative free health checks programme.  Targeted at men and women between the ages of 40 and 70, the initiative aims to help prevent and/or identify signs of serious health problems such as heart-attacks, strokes, high blood-pressure and kidney disease.  Studies show that men in particular are far less likely to use health services as often as they should, which often results in serious problems being left undiagnosed.  Reasons include the inconvenience of appointment times, due to work commitments and an unwillingness to visit GP surgeries.  The programme will offer short and simple checks of height, weight and blood pressure, as well as quick blood tests to check glucose and cholesterol levels.  Results remain strictly confidential and are sent over to the individuals GP for information and possible action.  It is hoped that by providing this service at Links Park Stadium, an informal, familiar and somewhat appealing venue, at times which are more compatible to the working day, that those ‘putting off’ such tests may be more likely to attend.

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