P1 Links Park Health Trail

Our P1 'Links Park Health Trail' takes pupils on an exploration of Links Park Stadium, the home of Montrose Football Club, where they are challenged to undertake a range of fun and inspiring tasks.

Pupils may be used to hearing the story of the 'Very Hungry Caterpillar' - but at Links Park, it's the story of the 'Very Hungry Footballer' and pupils follow a week-in-the-life-of 'Mighty Mo' and support him in making his food choices so that he has suitable energy and enthusiasm to play well! The 'Very Healthy Footballer' workshop allows opportunity for children to take part in a fun football-themed exercise session whilst discussing healthy and unhealthy daily activities. Our dental health workshop involves the story of 'Monty Mole's Troublesome Tooth' and pupils explain and demonstrate how to maintain clean and healthy teeth! Pupils leave with an understanding of the importance of leading an active, healthy lifestyle.

I know that being active is a healthy way to be... - HWB 0-27a, Curriculum for Excellence 



'I liked playing with the food' 

'My favourite part was brushing the funny teeth!' 

Selected P1 Pupil Reviews (Verbal)


Presently, all of our educational programmes are being delivered on an annual basis to P1 (Health), P3 (Numeracy), P5 (Literacy) and P7 (Science) pupils, respectively, from the following 6 'Partner Schools':

Borrowfield PS, Ferryden PS, Lochside PS, Rosemount PS, Southesk PS, St Margarets PS 

For a schools perspective on the positive impact such programmes have had on both attainment and achievement in the areas of Health, Numeracy, Literacy and Science, please contact the Head Teacher from one or a number of our 'Partner Schools' above.

If you wish to discuss the possibility, and process, of becoming a 'Partner School' with Links Park Community Trust, please do not hesitate to get in touch.   


Our Health Trail is kindly sponsored by StirFresh