50 Day 5 Km Challenge

Our annual 50 day 5km Challenge kicks off every year on the 5th May.


This years '50 Day 5 Km Challenge' launches 2 weeks today on Friday 5th May!!
Walk, Run and/or Cycle a minimum of 5 km (3.1 miles) every day for 50 days.
There is still time to sign up, either as an individual or as a team together with friends/colleagues.

We ask you to raise a minimum of £50 which can be split 50:50 between our charitable activities and another worthy cause of your choice.

Receive a free t-shirt for signing up. Click the link below to sign up now:

For more information email Gemma at admin@linksparkct.org.uk


The annual event, now in its 4th year, has raised nearly £40,000, with approximately £20,000 being distributed to local and national causes such as The Rhys Allan FundAngus Carers CentreMontrose Maternity Unit,Spinal Injuries ScotlandLochside Primary School and Macmillan Cancer Support, amongst many others.  The challenge consists of walking, running, cycling or swimming 5km every day for 50 days, with the allowance of up to 2 days off per week if the individual chooses to do so.  

Are you involved with a group, such as a school, youth group, older adults group, sports team or charity? Please consider entering a team that will provide valuable funds for our charitable activities, and yours! You may even wish to enter a team of family, friends or workmates...or you can sign up individually for a personal challenge that is both satisfying to complete, but also one that supports an improvement in health and wellbeing!

All we ask is that participants raise a minimum of £50, all monies raised is split 50/50 with ourselves and another worthy cause of the challengers choice.

This challenge has been a great success so far and we are hopeful that it will continue to grow in the years to come.  It has already proved effective in raising individuals activity levels, not only during but also following completion of the event.

If you are interested in joining us on the challenge this time around, please contact us, stating your name, t-shirt size and the not-for-profit cause that you would like 50% of your raised funds to go towards.